*As a reminder and reference, below is a list of requirements for each level.  NOTE:   You do not need to know your child’s level to sign up for swim classes. 

TINY SWIMMERS– for ages 14 months- three years.  This class is a parent accompanied class.  All students must be at least 14 months old at the time of the class and wear our special swim diaper if not potty trained.

LEVEL I – Must be three to five-year-olds. Must be at least 3 feet tall (so can touch the bottom of the pool).  Must be mature enough to follow rules, and be able to be in the water independently without a parent.

LEVEL II – This is for the beginner swimmer ages 5 and up. Must be at least three feet tall (to touch the bottom of the pool), mature enough to follow rules, and be able to be in a class independently.

LEVEL III –  This level is for a child who is comfortable in the water and has mastered basic skills like floating and gliding off the side of the pool on their front and back, retrieving rings under water, and being able to front crawl with face in the water.

LEVEL IV –  Must be comfortable swimming in deep water and be able to swim freestyle and backstroke across width of pool (at least one time) without stopping. Should be able to tread water for 20-30 seconds.

LEVEL V – Must be able to swim freestyle, backstroke, and elementary backstroke across length of pool (at least one time). Should be able to tread water for at least 30 seconds.

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*We also offer 30-minute private lessons – $41 per lesson. Call 219-865-2274 or click HERE for details