All-American Ninjas Testimonials

We have been truly impressed with the whole All-American Ninjas program. My son has made so much progress and loves it here. The teachers are so encouraging and really know their stuff.   


All-American Ninjas at Patti’s has helped my son learn patience. At his age, that’s huge! Thank you for offering this program and Miss Sklyer is amazing with him!

-Brad Luebke

The teachers and staff are energetic, knowledgeable, and very supportive. My son has greatly benefited from being involved in both All-American Ninjas program and Gym-N-Learn programs!

-Jackie Gomez

I like the intensity of the techniques taught. The obstacle courses are amazing. My son loves them. He comes home wiped out (in a good way) after All-American Ninjas class. Also, he listens better now. All-American Ninjas has positively reinforced listening skills and I love that!

-Antoinette Cochran

What’s there not to love? My son gets a great workout while having fun. He feels like he’s part of a “Ninja team”! Plus, his teachers really enforce the importance of listening and showing respect. What child cannot benefit from all that? Thank you Patti’s All-American.

-Leo Probst