Meet Rhonda Zaluckyj

Senior Vice-President of Sales,  Tumblebear Preschool Dept. Leader, Gymnastics Instructor, and USA Gymnastics National Instructor

Rhonda brings much enthusiasm to her job and loves being around children.  She also has a passion for sharing her gymnastics knowledge.  Rhonda began her speaking career at Patti’s 2008 at the “I Love Gymnastics” workshop.  Since then, she has spoken around the country at various gymnastics schools and conferences.  Since 2012, Rhonda has been a guest speaker at the USA Gymnastics National Gymnastics Conference and is also a National Instructor for USA Gymnastics where she certifies other gymnastics instructors in Preschool Fundamentals.  She is always learning new things and makes her class the place to be! Rhonda lives in Cedar Lake with her husband, Stevie and her two children, Seth and Faith. Click HERE to watch a short “welcome video” from Miss Rhonda.

Miss Rhonda’s certifications:
  • American Heart Association Heartsaver First Aid, CPR, and AED
  • B414-Web: Hands-on Training for Managers/Directors
  • R101: Preschool Fundamentals: Theory
  • R102: Hands-On Preschool
  • R301: Brain & Body: Beyond Basics
  • U100: Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction
  • U101: Safety and Risk Management
  • U110: USA Gymnastics Safe Sport
  • U112: Tough Coaching or Emotional Abuse: Knowing When the Line Has Been Crossed
  • U113: Understanding Safety and Response Policy
  • U114: Childhood Development: Preschool to Elementary School Age
  • U201: Concussion Safety Protocol
  • USA Gymnastics University: Instructor
  • U301: Stewards of Children
  • Ninja Instructor Training
  • #500 Fast Track Preschool/Beginner Gymnastics
  • PAA Teaching Theory
  • Preschool Development Training
  • School-Age Progression Training
  • National/Regional Gymnastics Congress Speaker and Attendee
  • Background checked

Voices of Happy Parents: Their Experiences and Feedback

My daughter absolutely fell in love with gymnastics when she had Ms. Rhonda as her instructor. The energy and encouragement from that teacher really gave my child the boost and self confidence she needed.

“Miss Rhonda is the absolute best! She is kind and caring with her students but direct and firm when needed and that stronger hand is exactly whatboys need.”