Meet Olivia Garcia

Gymnastics & All-American Ninjas Instructor

Miss Olivia has taken gymnastics here at Patti’s and is so excited that she now gets to teach your children! Miss Olivia was a cheerleader for four years as well. She enjoys baseball, music, and hanging with her friends. Click HERE to watch a short welcome video from Miss Olivia.

Miss Olivia‘s certifications…
  • American Heart Association Heartsaver First Aid, CPR, and AED
  • U110: USA Gymnastics Safe Sport
  • U112: Tough Coaching or Emotional Abuse: Knowing When the Line Has Been Crossed
  • U113: Understanding Safety and Response Policy
  • U201: Concussion Safety Protocol
  • Ninja Instructor Training
  • #500 Fast Track Preschool/Beginner Gymnastics
  • PAA Teaching Theory
  • School-Age Development Training
  • Background checked

Voices of Happy Parents: Their Experiences and Feedback

“My son’s favorite day of the week is Tuesday because it’s Ninja day! I love that everyone there seems to genuinely care about him. Miss Olivia is great and always has a positive attitude even with 5 crazy preschool boys running around. She always gives an extra stamp for my son in the waiting room too! We appreciate it.”

“From the very first day they taught my daughter multiple skills & are very encouraging with helping all the kids further develop those skills. My daughter is not in her class, but Ms. Olivia has worked with her twice & we love her positivity & style of teaching!”