Meet Megan Anderson

Tumblebear Preschool Dept. Leader, Gymnastics Instructor and Birthday Party Manager

Megan has over 10 years of gymnastics experience. As a cheerleader, she won first in the state at Jamfest Super-National Competition. As a tumbler, she also qualified for nationals all three years. She enjoyed being a cheerleader and also has a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship from Purdue Northwest. Megan is also a certified trainer through NASM and is a coach at Orangetheory. Click HERE to learn a little more about Miss Megan and to watch her throw a back full on the trampoline!

Fun Facts about Miss Megan

• Where were you born? Boling Brook, IL
• What is your favorite treat? Anything with caramel
• What is your favorite sports team? Chicago Blackhawks
• Cat or dog?  I have a Yorkie named Koda!
• What is your favorite skill to teach? Handstand