Gymnastics Instructor

Orla took gymnastics for 4 years, did competitive cheer for 3 years, and was a high school cheerleader for 2 years. She enjoys working out and is excited to help kids reach their fullest potential at Patti’s! Click HERE to meet Miss Orla.

Fun Facts About Miss Orla

• Where were you born?  Munster
• What is your favorite treat? Don’t eat candy or cookies
• What is your favorite sports team? Boston Red Sox
• Cat or dog? None
• What is your favorite skill to teach? Cartwheel

Voices of Happy Parents: Their Experiences and Feedback

“Ms. Orla always greets my son with a big smile! He loves seeing her and enjoys her spunky energy! She knows how to engage the little ones while also allowing them to discover and learn on their own.”