Meet Hope cooper

Gymnastic & All-American Ninja Instructor

Hope was a cheerleader for 10 years. Hope is certified by American Red Cross in Lifesaving, AED, CPR, and First Aid.  She loves kids and is excited to work with your child to help them achieve their goals. Click HERE to watch a short welcome video for Miss Hope.

Fun Facts about Miss Hope…

• What is your favorite treat? Confetti Nothing Bunt Cake
• What is your favorite sports team? Chicago Cubs
• Cat or dog? One cat and one dog
• What is your favorite skill to teach? Back handspring

Voices of Happy Parents: Their Experiences and Feedback

“Shout out to Miss Hope! I feel that she does challenge my kids in her class and has good control over the kids to get them back on track. I’m hoping my oldest will master his last skills with her and be able advance prior to aging out of the program. Going to be a sad day when he turns 13 and cannot participate any longer. He loves ninja and is proud of all the skills he’s learned to do. While in school they had a project where each kid had to teach the class something and he taught them how to do a cartwheel!”

“My little guy really loves Ms. Hope. I think she is amazing with kids and she does such an awesome job.”