Meet Emily Whiting

School-Age Dept. Leader and Gymnastics Instructor

Emily brings years of dance and tumbling and trampoline experience to PAA.  Emily was a Pop Warner, Wilbur Wright Middle School, Munster High School, and Ball State cheerleader. She graduated from Purdue Calumet in 2015 with a Bachelor of Marketing Degree.  Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her son Hunter. Click HERE to watch a short welcome video from Miss Emily.

Miss Emily’s certifications…

  • American Heart Association Heartsaver First Aid, CPR, and AED
  • R102: Hands-On Preschool
  • R103: School Age: Hands-On Training
  • U100: Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction
  • U101: Safety and Risk Management
  • U110: USA Gymnastics Safe Sport
  • U112: Tough Coaching or Emotional Abuse: Knowing When the Line Has Been Crossed
  • U113: Understanding Safety and Response Policy
  • U114: Childhood Development: Preschool to Elementary School Age
  • U201: Concussion Safety Protocol
  • #500 Fast Track Preschool/Beginner Gymnastics
  • PAA Teaching Theory
  • Preschool Development Training
  • School-Age Progression Training
  • Attended National/Regional Gymnastics Congresses
  • Background checked