The focus of skills for this level are: back walkover, back handsprings (Tumbl Trak) front drop, and backdrop (trampoline). Intermediate Tumbling and Trampoline 2 focuses on: round-off back handsprings, beginner front tucks, front handspring dismounts, controlled dive rolls, and backdrop pullover.  Your tumbler will receive a “#2” design piece to be placed on their Intermediate medal when they move up to Intermediate Tumbling and Trampoline 2.  They will remain in the combined class.

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Requirements –  Must be tested to enroll in this class- please call 219-865-2274

Girls– must wear a leotard with no skirt attached to it and no tights with gymnastics shoes ($25.25 plus tax).
Boys- must wear elastic waistband shorts with a T-shirt tucked in with white gymnastics shoes ($25.25 plus tax).

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