Homeschool Classes

This is a great opportunity for your homeschooled child ages 6-10! Choose from Gymnastics or All-American Ninjas. These classes are designed to work with each child on their level. Register Below! (No make-ups, no sibling discount)

Gymnastics: Ages 6-10. Your child will get to learn, practice, and perfect skills in different areas of the gym including the spring floor, Tumbl Trak, bars, balance beam, and trampoline. Apparel – Girls wear a leotard with or without elastic waist shorts or unitard with gymnastics shoes. Gymnastics shoes are purchased at Patti’s All-American ($27.82).

Dance: Ages 6-10. This innovative dance class combines Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Lyrical. This is an excellent introduction to the world of dance, enabling the children to experience a variety of dances in one class. Apparel – A black tank leotard, pink ballet shoes (purchased from us at PAA), and any black shorts. (No Make-ups -No Sibling Discounts).

All-American Ninjas: Ages 6-10. This action-packed class incorporates gymnastics, obstacle course training, and will challenge your child on our 10 ft Warp Wall! This is a great opportunity for your homeschooled child. Your child will enjoy Ninja training which includes doing flips, rolls, and kicks. Gymnastics training and obstacle courses are both designed to help total body coordination, build strength, and improve agility. Apparel – T-shirt, headband, and gymnastics shoes = $59.92 (+ tax), black shorts or loose-fitting pants. All apparel, except the shorts or loose-fitting pants must be purchased at Patti’s All-American.