Perfect for the child looking to achieve that “Almost Got It” skill or to help advance to the next level.

Get one-on-one instruction and pick your favorite teacher to help you learn that difficult skill.   All-American offers 30-minute private gymnastics, tumbling, and dance lessons.  All private lessons are 30-minutes in length and the $39 annual membership fee must be up to date. *Parents must stay during child’s private lesson. **Privates must be booked 24 hours in advance to secure an instructor.

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  • 30-minute private lessons (one teacher, one student) $49
  • 30-minute semi-private lessons (one teacher, two students) $39 per child.

Cancellation Policy
If a private lesson is canceled by Patti’s All-American due to the weather, staffing emergency,  etc.,  you will receive a credit on your account at the gym or a refund will be given. 
If you cancel a private lesson less than 24 hours before the lesson, or do not show–NO credit or refund will be given. 
If you cancel a private lesson 24 hours or earlier, a credit will be applied to your account at the gym. 

Apparel Requirement- Girls wear a leotard with or without elastic waist shorts or unitard with gymnastics shoes. ($25.50 +tax) Hair should be tied back. Boys wear a t-shirt and elastics waist shorts, and gymnastics shoes.

Call us at (219) 865-2274 to schedule your appointment time now or enroll below.

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