Gym-N-Learn ™ and Ready-2-Learn Educational Preschool
Our Curriculum

Gym-N-Learn Educational Preschool Schedule offers three days a week (MWF), Pre-K program for four and five-year-olds, two days a week (T/Th), Preschool program for three and four-year-olds and Ready-2-Learn, once-a-week for two-year-olds (parent participation required). (*Please contact us for five days a week.) All children interested in our Gym-N-Learn Educational Program will have to meet the age requirement—Students must be three years of age before school starts for Gym-N-Learn and two years of age for Ready-2-Learn.

Our curriculum includes: LANGUAGE AND LISTENING- Letters and sounds, word recognition, reading readiness, and learning with music. MATH- Counting, recognizing numbers, learning phone numbers, and addresses. SCIENCE & SENSORY- How things look, feel, work, smell, and sound. FOREIGN LANGUAGE- Speaking Spanish using simple phrases, words, colors, and numbers (scroll down to see a short video of students singing their days of the week in Spanish). FINE MOTOR SKILLS- Working with puzzles, coloring, cutting, tracing, printing, and writing the alphabet. ART- Creative expression, working with colors, shapes, and textures TECHNOLOGY- Use age-appropriate software in iPad stations. GYMNASTICS/FITNESS – Gymnastics positions, various skills using uneven bars, balance beam, trampoline, and Tumbl Trak.

Required Uniform: Red Polo shirts which are embroidered with our Gym-N-Learn logo ($17.00 plus tax) with any stretch black shorts or pants, and white gymnastics shoes ($26.00 plus tax).

*Our Gym-N-Learn classes are also available year-round, even in summer. Click HERE  to find the class you need, pricing details, and online registration.