Benefits of Gym-N-Learn ™ and Ready-2-Learn

Benefits of Gym-N-Learn ™

  1. Highly specialized academic curriculum to prepare your child for Kindergarten
  2. Gymnastics class more than once a week to increase strength and flexibility
  3. Fun, fitness & nutrition information throughout the class to prevent childhood obesity
  4. Includes art, language & listening, science, math, foreign language, geography, and fine motor skills curriculum
  5. Small student to teacher ratio in all classes
  6. Friendly drop-off service (stay in your car… we’ll get them out)
  7. Interactive computer stations and iPad stations with academic programs to help reinforce daily curriculum
  8. Qualified professional teaching staff led by teachers with B.A.s in Elementary Education
  9. Red academy polo shirts create a uniformed look, promote organization, and make it super easy to get ready for school in the morning

Benefits of Ready- 2 -Learn

  1. Develop positive relationships with other young children and adults
  2. Enhances gross and fine motor skills through exercise and theme-based crafts
  3. Builds a positive feeling toward school with parent present during class
  4. Identify names of simple shapes and colors
  5. Learn to follow simple directions
  6. Practices holding a crayon and pencil for pre-writing skills
  7.  Great way to prep your child for preschool
  8. Qualified professional teaching staff