45 minutes – This is a teacher-recommended class and is designed for the 3 to 4-year-old who is ready to separate from a parent and can take direction from the instructor. This is considered their first ‘big kid’ class here at PAA.  Your child will be working independently on beginner skills, taking turns & learning to cooperate with peers.   We utilize current themes, trends, and props to make our classes full of FUN!!   We’ll keep a low ratio because the child will be on their own out in the gym to further their progression in gymnastics.

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Pre-Qualifications – Must be 3 years old and able to work independently and be separated from a parent

Girls- Leotard and gymnastics shoes, no skirt or tights
Boys- T-Shirt tucked into elastic waistband shorts with gymnastics shoes

*Gymnastics shoes are purchased at Patti’s All-American.

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